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What we could do to manufacture the PCB

PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services Offered by HFI
We offer a wide array of PCB assembly services that cater to the needs of different industries. Here is a gist of what we do:
We specialize in onshore printed circuit boards that are of unsurpassable quality and budget-friendly costs.
We accept cut reels for Surface Mount Technology (SMT).
We are capable of performing reverse engineering in case the manufacturing process calls for it.
Our PCB designing facility accepts Gerber files types 274X and 274Ddrill tool listsand excellon drill files
We make use of high-end software such as OBD and AutoCAD to create Gerber filesif required.
We offer quick turn and consignment components.
We are capable of manufacturing and assembling multiple layers of rigidflexand rigi-flex circuit boards.
We offer quick turn and consignment components.
Our offerings include multiple layers for rigidflexand rigid-flex PCBs.
Our testing systems include Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)functional testingand environment stress tests.
Apart from the aforementioned serviceswe also make sure to provide all the required components as per the specifications of our clients. If you choose toyou can also supply us with the components of your choice

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